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Art Night 2021 Marathon

15 July 2021

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM



We’re partnering with Art Night 2021 to bring you the Art Night Marathon.

This year, to celebrate their online programme, we’re screening all broadcast works across one evening on Thursday 15th July. We hope you’ll join us through the night – with drinks and dinner; on a laptop in bed or with friends in a dark room with the volume up high; in Skye, Swansea, London, Kampala, or wherever you may be.

The 2021 festival is titled Nothing Compares 2U after the song written by Prince and most famously performed by Sinead O’ Connor. The title acts as a frame for the festival, it pulls at a thread of defiance and both personal and collective self determination which runs throughout the programme.

The broadcast begins with a body crashing through a bus shelter window and ends with the hypnotic syntax of the tala rhythmic system.

Running Order:

  • Mark Leckey
  • Adham Faramawy, The heart wants what the heart wants
  • Philom√®ne Pirecki, The Scrying Eye 
  • OOMK, STUART Papers
  • Oona Doherty, Hunter Filmed  
  • Isabel Lewis, What can we learn about love from lichen? 
  • Sonya Dyer, HFO: Andromeda
  • Alberta Whittle, HOLDING THE LINE: a refrain in two parts
  • Imran Perretta & Paul Purgas

The marathon is broadcast in partnership with Somerset House and will be hosted on our homepage and also on the websites of our partners – Art Review, ATLAS Arts, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Glasgow Women’s Library, Grand Union, Near Now, New Hall Art Collection, Peak, Wysing Arts Centre, The Tetley and 180 Studios.

All films are open/closed captioned with thanks to the artists, Collective Text and Sara Morrison with support from Wysing Arts Centre and the Art Night team.

You can view un-captioned films here.