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Artist Talk: Bob Parks and Marcus Werner Hed

17 September 2013

Listen to Bob Parks and film maker Marcus Werner Hed discuss Parks’ colourful life, the subject of a documentary currently in production and due for release in 2014.

Excerpts of the documentary The R&B Feeling, directed by Werner Hed and artist Nathaniel Mellors, were on show as part of Park’s Grand Union exhibition And The Heavens Cried.

Marcus Werner Hed, born in Södertälje, Sweden, began his career as an art director before relocating to London where he began working with Peter Saville and later for the contemporary art publication Frieze. In 2003 Werner Hed began directing his own as well as commissioned, films and commercials before setting up the production company, Pundersons Gardens with cinematographer Jeremy Valender.

Werner Hed’s work has mostly been centred on documentaries, beginning with his first feature length film Rites of Spring (2007), a documentary on Ugandan film translators, which was followed by A Portrait of Jacob (2008) a documentary on the photographer and vagabond Jacob Holdt. These films were followed by Ademeit (2010), a film looking at the unique work of German outsider artist Horst Ademeit, Tazartes a film about french Avant Garde singer Ghedalia Tazartes who sings in a made up language (to be released in 2013), and The R&B Feeling a film about UK based Bob Parks who was a performance artist in 60-70s LA (to be released in 2014). He is currently in development on his next feature Flight Mode a modern day relationship drama about long distance relationships. His work has been screened at international festivals as well as at galleries such as Sketch(UK), The Photographers Gallery (UK), White Columns (US), Cologne Kunstverein (Germany) and more.