Holly Antrum, Curated film screening

8 July 2014

Holly Antrum / Rose O’Gallivan, Paul Becker / Francesco Pedraglio, Mareike Bernien / Kerstin Schroedinger, Karolin Meunier, Sophie Michael, Monique Moumblow.

Join us to for a screening of short films selected by Holly Antrum in relation to her practice and current exhibition at Grand Union, A Diffuse Citizen.

There will a be a short introduction and a chance to talk to Antrum over drinks following the screening.


Starts 6pm

Holly Antrum / Rose O’Gallivan

Paul Becker / Francesco Pedraglio

Mareike Bernien / Kerstin Schroedinger

Karolin Meunier

Sophie Michael

Monique Moumblow

Finish 7.30pm

With thanks to the artists and Seventeen Gallery.