Love & Solidarity: Queer Conditions Reading Group

12 March 2020



Join members of the Queer Conditions Reading Group in a session taking place within the context of Jamie Crewe’s new exhibition Love & Solidarity in the gallery. There will be teas, coffees, refreshments and no need to prepare – texts will be provided on the day and read out loud with each other.

The Queer Conditions Reading Group is a Birmingham-based reading group, welcome to people of any sexuality or gender, with texts decided upon collectively by members. The group takes place intermittently in different venues and explores texts with a grounding in Queer theory, but also concerning austerity, displacement, post-coloniality and wider Feminist/Anti-Colonial/Anti-Capitalist thought.

Love & Solidarity has been co-commissioned alongside a sister show at Humber Street Gallery, Hull titled Solidarity & Love. Taking inspiration from Radclyffe Hall’s novel The Well of Loneliness (1928), the exhibitions address the provocations of the book, which has had a lasting impact on generations of queer, lesbian, and transgender people.

Through a combination of video, sculpture and text, Crewe touches on themes of heartbreak, experiences of transphobia, LGBTQIA+ solidarity and conflict, as well as exploring the legacy of the novel itself.