The Growing Project Online

24 March – 1 August 2020


As an extension of The Growing Project at St Anne’s Hostel and with Crisis, we are rethinking some elements of our collaborative programme.  

We are responding to the current situation by rethinking how we can distribute knowledge and resources, whilst connecting a network of gardeners (remotely) to think about our future through plants and growing. 

Growing Club Weekly Social OnlineAre you interested in growing your own food? We are hosting an informal weekly social chat online with other growers, sharing tips, ideas and knowledge each week as we go through the growing season. If you would like to join in, please email

Growing Network Gardening and Growing Networks are becoming stronger through this crisis. We are currently making connections and linking with other growing projects in the region, working together to:

  • – Share our collective desire to develop independence in growing food, being fed and feeding others.
  • – Collectively Save & Distribute Seeds – forming new networks of seed saving and to ensure future sustainability.
  • – Collective Plug (small) Plant Distribution – we are working to share and distribute any surplus plants.
  • – Share knowledge and practice with all gardeners and encourage and support more people to grow.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming part of this network.

The Growing Project was established in 2019 to ‘green-sense’ the city, supporting and working with the vulnerably housed and people in crisis, by growing food and creating green spaces. This community-led growing scheme attempts to offer solutions for a post-industrial landscape, something that feels even more prevalent now.

If you would like any further information please email