VOZ RARA – Voz Rara Rara Rara, a workshop led by Jaume Ferrete Vázquez

30 November – 2 December 2017

Voz Rara Rara Rara is an artist’s research-driven workshop on other political genealogies of voice and listening. It is directed at art workers, activists, students, academics, or any person interested, studying or working with the politics of voice and listening, particularly in relation to technology, body, gender or ‘disabilities’.

During the workshop we worked with texts, audiovisual documents and materials drawn from the practices of artists, theorists and activists including Amanda Baggs, Amanda Weidman, Anne Carson, Boris Fridman Mintz, Jonathan Ree, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Occupy Wall Street, Jérôme Bel or Yes We Fuck among others. We explored synthetic voices, deaf cultures and sign languages, gender and the body and politics of the voice and listening. Specific case-studies such as the masculinisation of Thatcher’s voice, Bell Lab’s Voice Operator Demonstrator, and the ‘listened voice’ of the Tojolabal people within the Zapatista movement were examined.

30 November, 7pm
performance in Minerva Works
There are none so deaf’ is a performed reading of a text of the same name, to be published later this year by Q-O2 and Errant Bodies. The text takes its title from a cartoon by Gonzalo Rocha in which the voice of Zapatista Comandanta Esther, at the Mexican Congress, is represented as the plump body of a speech scroll. The cartoon is used as the starting point of a genealogy that goes through deaf culture and sign languages, synthetic voices, the phonograph and the telephone, to present another possible genealogy of the politics of voice and listening.

This event was part of VOZ RARA curated by Grand Union Curators-in-Residence Anna Santomauro and Valerio Del Baglivo.

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