WE: I and I–a workshop with Alberta Whittle

21 March 2020


“Things are changing now, too. Our adults haven’t been wiped out by a plague, so they’re still anchored in the past, waiting for the good old days to come back. But things have changed a lot, and they’ll change more. Things are always changing. This is just one of the big jumps instead of the little step-by-step changes that are easier to take. People have changed the climate of the world. Now they’re waiting for the old days to come back.”
–– Octavia E. Butler, Parables of the Sower, 1993

This informal session led by Alberta Whittle invites participants to a shared listening, movement and making workshop.

Following Alberta’s billboard commission No Mudder Country Here as part of the Empire Remains Shop–Birmingham at Junction Works, this workshop invites participants to explore notions and conditions of a hostile environment in our current political and ecological climate. It is the hope that through being, talking and playing together, we can think about the importance of hope in these uncertain times.

This workshop will offer a space to experiment, introducing different techniques for telling stories and making. The groups will spend time thinking about repair work and our potential to calm and connect with each other. There will be moments for being at rest and listening, as well as undertaking short writing exercises.

Alberta uses visual, textual and spoken language in her interdisciplinary practice as a way to challenge and interrogate constructed representations of history and society. We: I and I will consider the constructed representations of history and how this is having an effect on marginalised communities. Alberta is interested in collective action and radical self-care in order for bodies to consider how they perform alone, alongside and in dialogue with one other?

Please wear comfortable clothes. We want to support people of all abilities. If you require any modifications and support in order to access this workshop, please let us know.