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A Small Hiccup

25 May – 5 July 2013


Work by Jeremy Hutchison, Leah Lovett, Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith, Siôn Parkinson, Erica Scourti, Simon Senn, Holly Pester, Charlie Woolley



GEORGE and REBECCA sit at a table looking at their menus and trying to figure out what to eat.


So, I’ve been thinking about the
press release for ‘A Small Hiccup’
and I think that it should be a
script. Maybe even a conversation
between two people.
What do you think?


How about between you and me?


Yeah, that could work. I want it
to be funny – and maybe we could
be talking about this script,
and we could get confused about
what it is we are really doing –
each having different ideas.
You could say something funny.


I don’t think that sounds very
reasonable George. Being
confused about the press release
is the last thing you want, people
will already be confused enough
by your newspaper… and me?…
funny? Why don’t we try to confuse
the audience with what the press
release is doing, not what it’s
saying. Maybe you could mention
something about when you were
going to call the show ‘An
Infinitesimal Cough’ and treat
each iteration of the project
like a section of a pop song…
That would be funny…


And then I thought better of it.
How do you mean, ‘confuse the
audience with what the press
release is doing…’?


Well, we make it obvious that
it’s scripted. Self aware.


Oh, I get it. So that the
conversation sounds forced.
That could be really interesting
tone and the implications of it.
I’ve been reading all these
linguistic journals we could


Oh, that wasn’t what I was
thinking. I guess we got that
misunderstanding in….
No – the actual text. Maybe
it should be this conversation.
We’ve been aware of our aims
and super straightforward,
if we could write a script like
that it would be the self-aware
thing I was talking about. It
could work…


Written by Rebecca Anne Peters and George Vasey 2013

Is it always good to talk?

‘A Small Hiccup’ is a traveling exhibition, events programme, publication and online commission exploring diseased language, curated by George Vasey.

Featuring new work by Jeremy Hutchison, Leah Lovett, Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith, Siôn Parkinson, Erica Scourti, Simon Senn, Holly Pester, Charlie Woolley.

Dates and Venues:

‘Don’t go into a butchers asking for a piece of cod’
Friday 17 May 7.30–9.30pm
Film programme co-curated with Cheryl Jones


Exhibition continues:
The Newbridge Project (Newcastle) 13th July to 30th August (PV 12th July)
Limoncello (London) 16th July

More details will be posted on gallery websites.


Erica Scourti work Monkey Mind on this is tomorrow from 10th June


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A Small Hiccup playlist

A Small Hiccup has been generously supported by Grand Union, The Newbridge Project, Pro Helvetia, Richard Saltoun, Rosalie Mary Crame, Kathleen and Alan Nixon, & Anne Kilroy.

Special thanks to all on the MFA curating course at Goldsmiths.