Curatorial Curriculum 2017 online publication




Curatorial Curriculum 2017

Since forming in 2010 Grand Union’s programme has been devised and produced by fifteen curators with different voices, interests and networks. Each and every one of those curators and their projects has informed the way our organisation works—with each we have learned how important it is to listen, to be generous and hospitable.

We created Curatorial Curriculum to open up support for curators beyond our gallery programme, whilst finding ways to nurture our own practices. We invited an incredible group of curators to lead the sessions, who have brought their vast experience and expertise, along with an affinity to our approach. This coupled with a brilliant cohort from across the UK and Ireland, meant for a year full of engaging dialogue, critique and trust in each other that we hope will continue long into the future.

This publication was created by 2017’s cohort in order to document and share some of our learning. We hoped the key themes of the year have bled into the structure and format and that you glean a sense of the unique space we created.

Online publication 2017