Rami George and Tako Taal
Inherited Premises

25 May – 3 August 2018



Inherited Premises was a two-person show by artists Rami George and Tako Taal that seeks to articulate both personal and national narratives, situating itself between moments of civic rupture and socio-familial histories.

Making reference to domesticity, language and ideas of nationhood, both artists explore lineages in relation to broader understandings of political traumas including conflict, war and imperialism.

As George moves towards a meditation on the spectre of Civil War within the Lebanese diaspora, Taal looks to linguistic boundaries and folklore in her understandings of matrilineal relations in Gambian culture. 

Curated by Associate Curator Seán Elder.

This exhibition was generously supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, The University of Pennsylvania and The Elephant Trust.