Magic Eye

13 July – 10 August 2013


Goodiepal, Luke McCreadie, Plastique Fantastique, Alexander Stevenson, Jennet Thomas


Je cherche en même temps l’éternel et l’éphémère.

Seeking the eternal and the ephemeral in the nonsensical, abstract and mythical, Grand Union presented Magic Eye: a group exhibition activated by a festival of performance and film.

Magic Eye was proactive and progressive, self consciously reaching for the transcendental. Magic Eye did not seek to answer or explain. Magic Eye sought without hoping to find.

Magic Eye carried over the error. Magic Eye was a misinterpretation leading to further misinterpretation. Magic Eye was cast into shadow as much as it was illuminated. Magic eye was written in a language you don’t understand. Magic Eye was looking forwards and backwards at the same time.

+ Performance Friday 12 July 8pm
A performance of Place and thing in the chaosmos of alle anyway connected with the gobblydumped turkery by Luke McCreadie opened the exhibition.

+ Festival  Saturday 20 July 2–7pm
A festival of performance with Goodiepal, Plastique Fantastique, Alexander Stevenson, Jennet Thomas with poetry by Raymond Queneau and films by Paul Sharits.

+ Warwick Bar Summer Fete Saturday 27 July 12–6pm
    Unit 2 Minerva Works
Artists Ayo & Oni Oshodi launched an edition of their zine: Slain by the Cruel Blade of Post-Modernity: Rituals. In keeping with their enigmatic appearances, the publication is a playfully cryptic assembly of autobiographical references and appropriated material. Each copy includes a handwritten password, which allowed access to their site-specific installation in Minerva works, details of which will only be revealed to those who gain access on the day.