Prem Sahib
Grand Union

22 April – 3 June 2016



Grand Union is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by artist Prem Sahib, curated by Kim McAleese.


Prem Sahib’s work is informed by the atmosphere of spaces where physical encounters happen, places where there is a potential to touch and be touched. The exhibition title, ‘Grand Union’ suggests bodies coming together.

Sahib’s aesthetic draws heavily on the environments and interiors of saunas, clubs and public cruising venues, where ideas around anonymity, touch and proximity are at play. The work in ‘Grand Union’ develops his relationship with certain materials and pushes new ways of working with sculpture in his practice. The installation will feature objects made from wood, metal, tiles, rubber and resin, in a choreographed conversation with one another.

Grand Union has commissioned writer Huw Lemmey to produce short story, Dank and Rare, which will accompany the exhibition.

Sahib has also created a limited edition print for Grand Union, produced in a small run and available in our shop.