The Panj Piare ASSEMBLE

16 May 2014


Joseph Buckley, Joseph Lewis, Hardeep Pandhal, David Steans

Curated by Harry Meadley

Message from The Curator:

“It is often the case that group shows put on by young artists are ‘curated’ to mask the fact the only real link is that they are friends. The Panj Piare ASSEMBLE does not hide this fact. It consists of the artists: Joseph Buckley, Joseph Lewis, Hardeep Pandhal, David Steans, and myself Harry Meadley.

The Panj Piare which translates in Punjabi as ‘the five beloved ones’ was initiated by the artist Hardeep Pandhal as a one-night exhibition at Project Space Leeds in 2010. During the night of the exhibition, an agreement was made between the five of us – that we would continue the idea of The Panj Piare, and in turn, would assume the role of curator to put on an exhibition of the others’ works. Producing, in total, a series of five exhibitions. The Panj Piare ASSEMBLE being the third.”

For full documentation from this one night exhibtion at Grand Union and the whole Panj Piare project see

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