Which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together?

21 October – 30 October 2011



Trisha Baga, Erik Bünger, Tom Dale, Simon Faithfull

As part of The Event 2011, Grand Union hosted a group exhibition devised and selected through a process of curatorial relay.

Alluding to the theme of The Event: Plato’s Symposium, the exhibition was formed as a space of multiple voices; different positions coming together and merging indistinctly to link back to a common thread.

The first curator selected a work in response to the overall context of the festival, this choice was sent to the second curator, who responded to this choice with another work. The exhibition began to form as the two selected works were passed to the third curator who put forward another response. With the fourth choice of work the exhibition was finalised, and ready to be expanded by a series of collateral events.

The first selected artist was Tom Dale (London, UK). Dale’s piece, a newly commissioned installation, makes reference to the Allegory of the Cave: a place of illusions and tricks, a place where we doubt if what we are experiencing is reality, shadows, or shadows of shadows.

This is where it has all begun.

Curated by Helen Brown, Tim Dixon, Marialaura Ghidini, Cheryl Jones and Alex Lockett, the exhibition featured work by Trisha Baga, Erik Bünger, Tom Dale and a semi-permanent commission for Grand Union’s windows by Simon Faithfull.