After the Event: Activities with Archives by Holly Argent


Publication (2021), printed by The Holodeck.


Published on the occasion of A simultaneity of stories-so-far an exhibition stemming from Grand Unions 10 year anniversary, artist Holly Argent has produced a handbook ‘After the event: Activities with archives’ as a means to share a series of propositions directly addressing the question, ‘what happens when the archive becomes our own domain?’

After the event: Activities with archives expands a field of enquiry in relation to using archives to interrogate standard systems of organisation and explore methodologies that re-negotiate narratives and prioritise forms of self-preservation. As an alternative approach, the handbook is split into four distinct sections implements four types of activity: accumulate, read, map and index, to guide a process of debate and discussion: what goes in and out of the archive; how can we chart shifting non-linear narratives stemming from the archive, and how can the archive inform and guide a future programme?

Text and design by Holly Argent. Riso-graph printing by The Holodeck.