David Rowan, Afterlife

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Giclee print on Hanemuhle Photo Rag, 420mm x 594mm
(Archival, 100% cotton 308 gsm), Edition of 10,
The price of the edition increases as it sells out.

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Commissioned by the Research and Cultural Collections department at the University of Birmingham, Grand Union studio holder David Rowan has produced a series of work’s in response to the histories, legacies and lives of six former University figure heads. Informed by archival and library research, Rowan unveiled hidden narratives and myths surrounding the individuals.

Afterlife is a photographic reconstruction of a Sir Oliver Lodge ether machine. Lodge (1851 – 1940) was a British Physicist and writer who studied the transcendental world within the physical universe. Author of Phantom Walls – an exploration in the possibility of an afterlife, Lodge devised experiments on electromagnetic radiation and came to believe that the spirit world existed in the ether. Afterlife repositions the inanimate machine as a phantom portrait of the original, a marker of an intangible past.

David Rowan is a visual artist based in Birmingham U.K. He works to private commission and in collaboration with curators and art galleries throughout the U.K. He produces bodies of work for unique publications, projects and gallery exhibitions.

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