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Justin Carter


Umbrellas harvested from Birmingham and Glasgow sewn by the artist, dimensions variable
Edition of 25, £150 each

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Justin Carter is best known for his functional, site responsive sculptures such as Mobile Retreat (2000) a flat-packed artists studio, Sustainable Indulgence (2004) a solar powered ice cream stall, and Pedal Power for Bybrua (2008) an urban pedal powered lighting system commissioned for Stavanger (2008).
In 2010 exhibition Thinking Hand Scratching Head at Grand Union. Carter playfully explored the poetic potential of objects and materials. These new and re-configured works reflect the immediate location of Grand Union’s project space whilst also paying homage to an eclectic mix of other artists including John Baldessari, Bas Jan Ader and Georges Braque.
Carter collected hundreds of lost, broken and discarded umbrellas from Birmingham and Glasgow, with which he made bunting for the gallery. This work playfully transforms these forlorn looking objects into colourful decoration, the unpicked umbrella coverings being the perfect shape for bunting, which is also traditionally made from scraps and offcuts. The edition is a section of the exhibited bunting.