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Alex Cecchetti, Marie and William: A Performance by Alex Cecchetti


Publication,14 x 23 cm, 103 Pages


To mark the opening of Hand and Mind, we are pleased to be adding two Alex Cecchetti publications to our shop.
Alex Cecchetti knows that “a story is an object, but one that does not take any space for storage, or not as much as a painting or a sculpture.” Indeed, the story of Marie and William, a performance by the artist, assumes the shape of a book. The content—photography, drawings, and captions—is stylishly arranged on the pages, visually akin to a collage—scanned, not 3D-printed. The story is rendered flat, but like so many stories captured in surfaces, it deals with movement. “Think of a dance manual, or a script made of stills. In fact, does not even know it is a book, it thinks itself to be a record on a turn table.”
A MIDI book. MIDI is an imprint of Mousse Publishing directed by Åbäke.