Teas of Restistance

£6.00 Including VAT

Set of 10 herbal teas.


Minerva’s Apothecary Garden is a recently created public green space in Digbeth, Birmingham, on the banks of the Grand Union canal. This expanding habitat for wildlife within an urban setting uses flora to encourage a plethora of insects, birds and wildlife, to pollinate, nourish and be nourished by the garden.  

Women supported by Birmingham-based organisations Anawim and Crisis Skylight Bham, have been coming together since summer 2021 for workshops in the garden, facilitated by artists, gardeners and chefs. The space has been built by them and for them, and has become a source of healing – an apothecary – with a dedicated section for medicinal plants. It is also a space for sharing, distributing and accumulating knowledge of plants including teas, oils, ointments, compresses, tinctures and recipes as a free resource for local communities.

The women have been supported by artist Carolyn Morton to curate tea combinations that celebrate and empower women. Each teabag in this pack has been designed by each woman in the group. They centre warmth, energy,  bliss, strength, peace and mindfulness. 

All proceeds from this project go directly back to the women that have lovingly designed them.

The dried herbs within the tea bags have been sourced from local collaborator and friend Patrees Herbs & Wellness.  All products are vegan friendly and are designed to nourish your everyday life, internally and externally. Teas included in this parcel: 

Magic Intuition: 

Hibiscus, Ginger, Rose Petals, Lemongrass & Ashwagandha.  

Wild Healing: 

Ginger, Hibiscus, Marigold  & Orange Peel. 

Forming part of Grand Union Gallery’s Collaborative Programme, this community-led Growing Project connects people with each other through plants and their natural environment, transforming relationships through the therapeutic benefits of nature. The project forms part of artist Alberta Whittle’s research and engagement process for her major Commonwealth Games commissioned project Congregation, which happens throughout 2022. This commission will provide a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to nurturing community. Producing this project with our local community groups is an integral element of this work to ensure we deliver a project that offers a legacy that is rooted in community cohesion and care.