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Guerrilla Girls
Art Night 2021: The Male Graze

18 June – 18 July 2021

Grand Union


The Male Graze. Guerrilla Girls, 2021. photograph by Tom Harris, Perception Studios.

Art Night has come to Birmingham!

Art Night is celebrating its fifth edition by taking place in locations across the United Kingdom for the first time this summer. Transforming iconic and unexpected public spaces within London since 2016, Art Night 2021, curated by Helen Nisbet, stretches 1000+ miles across Scotland, England and Wales, from North to South and East to West as well as even further digitally and physically for international audiences. 

As part of Art Night 2021, the Guerrilla Girls are presenting their largest UK public commission to date, The Male Graze. 

The Male Graze explores bad male behaviourthrough the lens of the art world, focussing on, but not limited to British artists and British collections. The work manifests as a website, a live online gig and a national series of billboards realised in partnership with galleries and institutions across the UK.

We’ve partnered with Art Night to present our very own Birmingham billboard, which is on display from 18 June to 18 July at The Anchor Pub, Rea Street, Birmingham, B5 6ET, in Digbeth.

Visit Art Night’s website to see their full programme.

Other billboards as part of this commission are presented in partnership with Art Night’s friends Compton Verney, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Glasgow Women’s Library, g39, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Grand Union, and The Tetley. Art Night also presents this commission in two London sites in Shoreditch and London Bridge.