Ed Webb Ingall
Forming a Resident’s Association

2020 – 2023


Grand Union is working with filmmaker Ed Webb Ingall to develop a new project exploring the role of video in response to the UK housing crisis. Holding a series of meetings, screenings and workshops, together, we will connect a national network of community and activist organisations with galleries and museums. Our aim is to co-produce a ‘tool-kit’ of resources to share our findings across these cultural and community partnerships.

In 2020 a Residents Association with residents and representatives from each of the following cities was formed: Birmingham (Grand Union), Nottingham (Nottingham Contemporary), Glasgow (LUX Scotland) and Liverpool (Rule of Threes). This network, with interests and involvement in housing activism, meets online to share research into different housing activist methodologies whilst imagining future approaches.

Birmingham, like so many city centres in an era of post-industrialisation, has become increasingly polarised, separated by those who ‘have’ and those who ‘do not’, some profit from privilege and wealth, whilst there are those who are really struggling to survive. This project is rooted in the idea that art can be a tool for social change, but only when embedded within communities, with and for them.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to get involved or find out more.

Activist groups

RESOURCE Housing Activist Groups & Campaigns

Above is a list of housing activist groups and campaigns was produced following a series of monthly meetings with housing activists based in Nottingham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and London. Over the course of six months we would carry out two days of paid research and then meet up online to discuss the various work and actions taking place within and against housing struggles taking place in each of the five cities, with a view to sharing experiences, histories and methodologies. We subsequently invited contributors based in Wales and Northern Ireland to add to the list. 

At each meeting we focused on a different stage of what we identified as the steps an activist group goes through; meeting one was about recruitment/involvement, meeting two was about running a meeting and making decisions, meeting three about organising, meeting four was about actions and meeting five was about sustainability/care/accountability at meeting six we reflected on what we might do next and one of the decisions was to produce this shared resource.

We see it as something that is very much a work in progress so please email us at info@grand-union.org.uk with any suggestions, updates or amendments.