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Visiting Grand Union, July 2021

Visiting Grand Union, July 2021

In light of the government announcement about the end of most COVID restrictions on Monday 19 July, we wanted to update audiences about the measures we plan to take at Grand Union. These will remain in place for the foreseeable future as we try to keep visitors, partners and staff safe.

We have a commitment to everyone we work with, and this includes many people finding themselves in vulnerable situations.


We recognise that everyone will have different personal choices around distancing, safety, spaces and boundaries. We also realise that many people have conditions that are not visible, may have their own safety needs or may be caring / living with someone who is vulnerable.

Therefore, we ask that you as a visitor to Grand Union respect that you may be sharing a space with someone who is affected by our current circumstances, and that you give them space.

We ask everyone to continue wearing masks inside buildings at Grand Union and to social distance while you are visiting our gallery or studio spaces. If you want to make sure that you are alone in the space, please email us at and we will accommodate this for you. 

We ask you to stay at home if you have COVID symptoms or have been asked to self isolate. 

We will continue to do everything at a reduced capacity and to clean surfaces and spaces regularly.

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